Standard Features

The Boat Loop™ Makes Docking Easy

It’s a practical addition to any boat. The durable fiberglass Boat Loop™ extends your reach from 3 to 7 feet beyond your boat or dock. Just pull to the desired length and quick lock into place. It’s perfect for grabbing cleats or looping dock posts. Use the end stub to push away from docks or hazards. The small hook is made for line retrieval and the large one for hooking items gone overboard. The flexible end loop removes for easy storage.


Push Away Stub

Protects your boat from collisions

Fiberglass Pole

Three models extend your reach from 3 to 7 ft.

Dual Locking Mechanism

Locks and releases quickly

Flexible Loop

Increases maneuverability

Small Hook

Ideal for handing off lines

Large Hook

Grabs and retrieves easily

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